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Select Studio One is situated in the heart of the city nearby Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Jebel Ali Industrial Zone. The facilities at 20 minutes’ drive include Dubai International Airport, Dubai Parks and Resorts, River land Water Park, and Al Maktoum International Airport.
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Wir unterstützen Sie, bei Glasbruch, bei der Montage von Katzentüren, Fenster einbruchsicher machen und Witterungsschutz am Fenster anzubringen.

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1 Bedroom apartment has a total area of 835.71 sq. ft. with spacious living room, balcony, bathroom, kitchen and a utility storeroom. The balcony is huge with an area of 86.22 sq. ft. The area range of 3 bedroom apartments in Unit 2, building 1 is 1846.23 sq. Ft. and the balcony is 229.38 sq. ft. Wide.
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Labor and employment laws are designed to protect workers from unfair practices and dangerous worksites. When these laws are violated, employees have the right to take legal action. At Marshall & Forman, LLC, our labor and employment lawyers provide competent, aggressive legal representation.